Campaign Pillars & Issues

I remain committed to these four pillars and have made great progress since taking office. We still have more to accomplish and have the momentum to continue creating positive change for Amesbury.

Curious what’s been done so far? See what I’ve been able to accomplish so far as Mayor.

What's currently being worked on, and what comes next.

  • City staff will soon transition to Office 365, which will increase internal communication, collaboration and efficiency, improve our cyber security and help us better communicate with residents and stakeholders.
  • Increasing utilization and operationalizing our new tools including OpenGov, ClearGov and SeeClickFix internally and externally.
  • Department Head and Division meetings, setting department goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Doing a comprehensive overhaul of the City’s website, making it easier to find the services and assistance that you need as a resident, business owner or visitor.

Student-Centered Focus on Education

What's currently being worked on, and what comes next.

  • Management and leadership of the construction phase of the Sgt. Jordan Shay Memorial Lower Elementary School, ensuring that the project remains on budget and on schedule.
  • Thinking outside the box about how best to prepare our students for life after COVID-19 and after graduation; updating the curriculum, creating partnerships with businesses and creating real life experience opportunities.
  • Improving School communications with students, teachers, families and the community.
  • School Committee will continue to study the attrition rate and work to keep Amesbury students in Amesbury schools.
  • Actively working on District goals, School Committee goals, Superintendent goals and School specific goals, all of which will align with each other. This important work has not been completed in many years, and will help our District move forward together.

Thoughtful Economic Development

What's currently being worked on, and what's next.

  • Make it easier for new / potential business owners to find the information they need to start a business or open a storefront in Amesbury with updates to our website.
  • Refine special event planning and permitting process to clarify when permits are needed, and inform the community of approved events.
  • Continue reviewing our current zoning laws to ensure that we’re making it as easy as possible for new businesses to come into Amesbury and property owners to fill vacant properties.
  • Engage regional partners in the execution of a downtown parking study.
  • As Maples Crossing is built, work closely with developers to ensure a smooth connection to the rest of our business community.
  • Seek planning and analysis opportunities for integrating new development projects.
  • Continue to address housing affordability and availability in Amesbury, ensuring that Amesbury is a welcoming and inclusive community for all. Continue the progress that has already been made when it comes to Affordable Housing.

Investing in Infrastructure

What's currently being worked on, and what's next.

  • Create opportunities for alternative modes of transportation around town, especially in the downtown. We can do this at a minimal cost by doing things like painting bike lanes, installing bike racks, and inviting shared transport companies to town.
  • Continue to not only create capital plans that balance resources and resiliency for the future, but fund them.
  • Seeking alternate funding sources for projects and initiatives, like volunteers fixing the Police Station Balcony, state earmarks for Lake Gardner, and grants for energy efficient equipment retrofitting in our buildings.
  • Create a plan to overhaul our trash and recycling program with an eye towards sustainability.
  • The current Amesbury Elementary School needs to be repurposed with as little down time as possible. Studies and plans will be developed as soon as possible with consideration for the loss of youth activity in the neighborhood and how to recreate that.
  • Prioritize sidewalk replacement and expansion to improve walkability, safety and connectedness in our community.
  • Initiate Complete Streets visioning and funding process for additional gateways (Market Street).