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I’m proud to be Amesbury’s Mayor. The first native, the first female, and the youngest person to be entrusted to lead our wonderful City. I grew up here, I’m a graduate of our public schools, and I’ve worked for and with our local businesses. I believe that Amesbury is a unique and beautiful place to live, work and play. It is an honor to serve my City and my neighbors as we rise to meet the challenges we face and ensure that we invest in what makes Amesbury so special – our people. 

As we envision our 2030 master plan for our City, ensure our finances are sustainable while we continue seeking to deliver the very best city services to our residents, address the rising cost of living that continues to threaten the ability for longtime residents and new residents alike to live in Amesbury, and begin to break ground on much-needed Capital projects, we must look for opportunities for our City to preserve the past, while preparing for our future.

We have achieved so much already, and I know that we will do so much more with the momentum we create together. I will continue to champion the best of who we are and what we stand for. I will continue to be transparent and communicative about how we are moving forward together. I will continue to tell Amesbury’s incredible story. 


This is not just a job to me, but a lifestyle. I want every person that interacts with me or my office to feel a sense of Amesbury pride. Amesbury is a special place, a place where neighbors show up for neighbors, a place where generation after generation of my family was able to build businesses, a place that helped me become the person I am today. I am proud that we continue to put Amesbury in the best possible position to move forward together.


When I’m not at the office you will see me around town at school sporting events, musicals and concerts, community meals, checking out our award-winning restaurants and shops, volunteering or just taking a walk. I love a challenge. I’ve run a marathon, completed Reach The Beach NH more than once, completed the 48 four thousand footers of NH, our very own DAM Triathlon, and enjoy a cold water plunge year round.


Thank you for your support and your belief in the amazing things we can do together.

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